We have limited budgets.

It is human nature, after all, to limit ourselves. However, unlike Warren Buffet, we do not have the luxury of acknowledging that our business acumen is unfettered.

So what do we do to increase the bottom line?

Invest in fine linens?


We pay attention to our SEO, because nothing says success more than conversion rates climbing higher and higher.

And we translate SEO into business by focusing on our conversion rates, the result of click through rates and website structure.

In my experience, SEO far outranks SEM or any other online paid advertising technique if we are to increase conversion rates. Granted, SEM may generate a great deal of website traffic, the traffic does not, generally, result in conversion.

Potential customers on Google seem to be ‘more focused’, to quote one of my clients.  I believe this to be true.

Avoid believing that SEO is a one time thing that you knock out, success guaranteed. This is not the case.

SEO means ongoing maintenance and analysis of the competition in order to make sure that one’s website is prominent. It means continuously employing techniques to assess how Google is ranking your website. It also means making an evaluation as to how much time and money you want to invest in an ongoing SEO strategy, basing this decision on your sales and potential ROI.

My clients often take on a dismissive approach when I discuss seemingly innocuous changes to their site in order to boost SEO. The fact of the matter is that small differences to a site—particularly those that are not visible on the front end—end up making a big difference. I would quantify a big difference by meaning an increase in sales, because success doesn’t really ring true unless the bottom line says so.