About Fox SEO

I approach each website as a unique, organic being, taking into account its history and evolution. I then budget my efforts accordingly, evaluating resources available that may rank the site higher. In the best of circumstances, I have seen SEO scores triple in just a few months.

It is important to understand that there is no one stop solution to improving SEO. By using a set methodology and observing patterns, a picture does emerge, though.

There are many tools out there that charge a monthly fee to facilitate your plunge into SEO. You may have endeavored to use them. The majority of these tools, however, use freely available data offered by both Google and Bing Webmasters. Granted, the manner in which these paid services sift through your data can be useful. And, they may, as well, introduce additional data to the Google and Bing Webmasters data that may help.

I use a strictly spreadsheet approach, running the data that Webmasters offers in conjunction with the data of Google Analytics (particularly the conversion results) in order to draw inferences out.

It seems to work.

Paolo CornacchiaI enjoy seeing good marketing effort rewarded and I like working with my clients in order to develop a strategy that best meets their needs. Flexibility in approach is key. At the same time, we want to be thorough because we want to make money.

My clients include architectural decor manufacturers, boat surveyors, law firms, oceanographic satellite imaging specialists and children’s magazine publishers.

I have eleven years of web development and SEO experience. My approach is based on that experience.

Also, if you are sick and tired of your old site, I can also build you a new one. If your server feels like its on its last legs (think GoDaddy or BlueHost), I can build you a much faster and reliable one on on Amazon or any of the cloud computing flavors.

More about me on my personal website here (don’t let it scare you).

And, for a free consultation, please fill out a contact form here.