About Fox SEO

I approach each SEO project as a unique entity taking into account the history and evolution of the website itself. I then budget my time accordingly, evaluating resources available and taking care of the low hanging fruit first.

It is important to understand that there is no single solution to improving SEO, but by using a set methodology, we start seeing patterns emerge in SEO.

There are many tools out there that claim to improve your website’s SEO. You may have even used them. I use a strictly customized data driven approach, running the numbers that Google makes publicly available in order to draw conclusions, because it is often better to see the raw numbers themselves.

I have had a good bit of success with doubling even tripling Google organic daily clicks to my clients’ websites. In part, it is because I focus on forensics first due to the relatively high probability that missed opportunities by previous developers or SEO consultants have left the site lagging SEO-wise.

I enjoy seeing good marketing effort rewarded and I enjoy tailoring SEO strategies that best meet my clients’ needs. Flexibility in this approach is key. At the same time, I want to make sure to cover all of the bases as missed SEO opportunities can translate into missed conversion opportunities and a lower bottom line. My clients include architectural decor manufacturers, boat surveyors, law firms, oceanographic satellite imaging specialists and children’s magazine publishers.

With twelve years of web development and SEO experience, I have the technical skill to maintain or further develop your website, build custom WordPress plugins or even custom high-performance web servers in the cloud (Amazon, Linode).

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