What Fox Does for SEO

Web Crawl

First things first. I run a web crawl of your current website in order to analyze critical HTML elements. This can entail thousands of elements and can very quickly determine state of a website.


Google and Bing Webmasters make available the data that we need in order to optimize your website. Through analysis of this data in conjunction with the web crawl, we can identify basic issues and opportunities for search engine optimization.

Inbound Links

Inbound links, as you may know, are critical for the ranking of a website. In 1998, Google was born after developing the idea of ‘PageRank’ (checking both the number and quality of inbound links in order to determine the SEO rank of a particular page). Often times, I find that my clients are unaware that they have a great many inbound links not being captured by redirects. Such recapturing can often have dramatic effects on the ranking of a website.


Don’t have time to write your 300 word blog post every couple of weeks in order to build content and keep it fresh? Google, as you may also know, likes lots of content and the newer the better. I can’t attest to being Hemingway, but I have published some short fiction and can certainly market your product with regular blog postings on your website.

Conversion Tracking

E-commerce websites are my forte. In particular, WooCommerce built on WordPress. Tracking visitor flow with Google Analytics from initial inbound click to checkout often gives one some pretty good insight about what is working with the website and SEO and what is not.


Whether you run your website on WordPress or any other CMS (content management system), I am an open source experts with eleven years of programming experience, able to get your website up and running again.

Website Build

I can build your website from scratch or customize any CMS (content management system) of your choice. I am also able to code themes, plugins, or virtually any open-source application.


Some sites built:
Some web applications / plugins coded:
Copy editing: