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What We Do

Web Crawl

I run a web crawl of your site to check critical HTML elements (URL/Page Title/Meta Description/Header Tags/Body Text). Such a web crawl can entail thousands of elements and can very quickly determine state of a website.

Google and Bing Analysis

Google and Bing make available the data that you need in order to optimize your website. Through careful analysis of this data in conjunction with the web crawl, areas can be quickly identified where there is opportunity for optimization. For e-commerce clients, in particular, product lines can be targeted for higher click through rates and conversions.

Evaluating Website Copy and Design Elements

A successful sale requires that a prospective customer feels good about your product or service. Design elements and website copy are important for your customer’s online experience. They are also important for SEO— search terms that brought your prospective customer to your website are essential to the equation.

Ongoing Maintenance

Whether you run your website on WordPress or any other CMS (content management system), Fox Digital Search has the know-how to fix programming glitches and/or to add additional functionality to your site. I am an open source experts with 11 years of programming experience. I have all of tools to keep your website running smoothly.

A New Web Presence

Whether you are an existing business owner wanting to revamp your website or you are in the process of launching a new product or service, I can build your website from scratch or customize any CMS (content management system) of your choice. I can also code themes, plugins, or virtually any open-source application.


Some sites built:
Some e-commerce sites maintained:
Some web applications coded: